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There are extreme vapers, then there are balanced vapers.

75ml e juice bottle is for the vaper who is experiencing a transition in his vaping life.

A little madness is a sign of creativity.

Best part, 75ml e juice bottle offers the best of both worlds.

Neither too small nor too much.

Moderation is the word that goes with this.

Now you are vaper who has been doing it for some time. You know your favorite flavors and love them.

You want to vape regularly. Want to share the love. Here is the solution.

The 75ml e juice bottles are cheap and in addition economical at the same time.

Offers you the freedom and flexibility.

Something that goes with the DNA of a vaper.

Gives you the freedom to stock on, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Lets you share the love. Is portable enough to be carried.

Perfect for road trips and sandy beaches.

75 ml ejuice bottle is everything that a moderate vaper needs.