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Something for the mature kind of vapers. 60ml e juice bottle is the best of both worlds.

Moderation is the key!

There is every kind of people on this planet. Some of them are on extremes. There is a minimal vaper and then there is the extreme vaper. Then there are people who are balanced. 60ml e juice is the thing for them. There should always be a balance of things. Extremes are always bad. They keep us away from the best things in life.

Same goes with our selection of ejuices. too small or too large of a bottle are both detrimental to the satisfaction of a serious vaper. A vaper needs to have balance in his life. 60 ml vape juice bottle just gives them this. It is also cheap considering the volume on offer. Produced by almost every major vape brand. This size is the thing to have for every vaper out there.