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If you are the one who lives life king’s size. Then 120ml e juice bottle is for you.It’s a size that suits every vape god.

Its all in the size, bigger the better.

120ml ejuice bottle is something that only the real wise can dig. Binge vaping or a party freakout it has everything. Perfect for stocking your juice. You can hoard on this 120ml e juice bottle. Always be prepared for what the life throws at you. Be it two of your best buddies. Or a party of over 25 guys. These bottles can handle everything.

The best part of 120 ml e juice bottle is its economic feasibility. If you know your favorite flavor indulgence. Then this is the size you should always go for. Provides for the best of the times. Perfect for sharing the love. This size never disappoints anyone.

The bottle is available with every brand now. Guess its the pulse of the market.