There are serious vapers, then there are vape gods. 240ml e juice bottle is made for those vape gods exactly.

Something to ponder upon

If you are a person who loves to vape more than breath. Then this is the bottle size you must have. Perfect for extreme vape sessions. 240ml e juice bottle has everything that a serious vaper needs. So, you are a social vape creature. Love to throw huge vape parties. Have a friend circle that’s huge. Then 240 ml ejuice bottle is the thing for you.

240 ml e juice bottle is also cheap on the pocket. Considering the volume on offer, this might be the cheapest thing that you can buy. These bottles are now on offer from all the major vape juice brands.

If you know your juice sin, then getting yourself a 240ml bottle can be the wisest thing that you can do. Comes with perfect PG/VG ratio. The unicorn and dropper styled bottles are really a visual delight. So go ahead and indulge.

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