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Now, this is something for the hog in every vaper. 180ml ejuice bottle is something that would satisfy the hungriest of the souls.

Need juice than have this!

This is the vape juice bottle that will satisfy the vape lust of every vaper out there. Perfect for parties and binge vaping this 180 ml e-liquid bottle is there to save your back. No matter how many people you have in your vape gang this 180ml ejuice bottle will never let you down.

Available with most of the good brands out there, make sure that you know what you are buying. 180 ml ejuice bottle is perfect for stocking on your favorite flavor.

They come in both unicorn and dropper style bottles and really look cute on your desk. Apart from the good looks the bottle also has perfect taste recollection and recreation. The brands today leave no stone unturned for creating the best products for vapers.

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