Plenty of Vape – Grand Opening!

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We’re proud to say, we’re finally open. It’s been a long road, and a crap ton of work but now we can finally start focusing on YOU. In a second, we’re going to outline why we built this site. But first, we would like to explain a little about what goes into building a super awesome mega website like this.

What Goes Into Building a Mega Vape Website?

1. Building Your Database

The first thing you have to do is build your data base.

What is that?

Well, to make it simple – it’s how people like you navigate through our products.

The better the database, the easier it is to find the products you want to find. Not to mention, the more options you have in doing so.

If you want to search ejuice by flavor, there has to be a tag for each flavor on your preferred products. Meaning, if you like fruit ejuice, there has to be a tag for “fruit” on all the products that represent fruit.

There’s alot of products that carry a ton of tags so the process gets pretty dang cumbersome.

But we wanted to build a website that was super easy to navigate. And that had a ton of options to choose from. So we spent a lot of time on this part.

2. Product Images

If you want to sell products online, you’ve got to have good clean images of all your products. But people want to look at “everything”. The bottles, the boxes, the labels. So you end up with about 3-5 images per each product.

So to be blunt, if you have 3000 products, and you have about 3-5 images per each product. You have a crap ton of images to take.

And not to mention all the editing to goes into making the images the same size and what not.

3. Content

This is where our most time sucking task comes in.

With vape, since our products contain nicotine, it’s not possible to advertise online. All the major advertising mediums like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook. They all have policies against advertising nicotine online.

So that makes it pretty difficult to get the news out to folks like YOU.

So what are we left with?

Either social media or search engine marketing. The two hardest ways to advertise.

Ranking on Google is not a simple thing. If it was, EVERYONE would be doing it.

And CONTENT, is one of the ways you get your website to rank. Meaning, you can’t just put some product description on a product and hope for the best.

You’ve got to find the keywords that people type in to find your specific products. And then you’ve got to weave those into your content without coming across to spammy.

So, 3000 products + unique content + keywords + trying not to be too spammy = a TON of time!

All I have to say here is “man”. Stresses me out even thinking about it.

It was a lot of work, and we’re still not done.

Why We Built This Website?

1. Money

Let’s not beat around the bush. We built this website for one reason and one reason alone.

To make MONEY!

In doing so, we didn’t want to just slap it together and try to sell some stuff online.

Everything we built on this website we did with the “user” in mind.

For example, we know that the most clicked on tab on any vaping website is the “All Brands” tab. So we put all the brands on one-page. We made some super cool thumbnail images to match each brand.

I know other websites have this. But most of the sites we tested had one page for ejuice and another for hardware. Some had one for ejuice and nothing for the hardware. In the end it was more clicks to get to where we wanted to go. No-one had what we thought our users wanted.

So on our all brands page we put both ejuice and hardware on there. We then added an alphabet filter on this page. So if you wanted to quickly find a brand beginning with the letter “C”. You click “C” and you get shot down to that section.

And then off to the side we added a crap ton of other filtering options.

2. What Makes Us Different?

We needed to know EXACTLY what you wanted so that we could build this thing with that in mind.

Remember that movie, Field of Dreams? When the voice keeps whispering to Kevin Costner, “If you built it, he will come”?

Well, we don’t believe in the mentality that if you simply built it, people will come.

We believe that you ask people what they want. And then you build that. And you keep asking and making changes until people come but they never leave.

So why are we doing this?

  1. We want you to stop having to buy from multiple vape sites just to find your product.
  2. We want you to stop paying 3xs the shipping from having to do this.
  3. We want you to stop dealing with bait and switch sites that show you cheap prices, then over charge you on shipping.

Man, I could keep going on here. More on that later.

But if you’re here on the site, check it out and take a look around. This thing will continue to get better and better and better.

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