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If you are the one who feels near god, then YOGI e liquids is the brand for you.

Let some vape chants begin!

 This brand is designed to give you that ecstatic vape experience. The products and the brand is seriously good at a spiritual level. This line up boasts of using 100% VG based nicotine. What that means is the kick you get is very real. Flavor profiles are granola based. The product has the right appeal to set your juices in motion. A product made in US of A. Only the highest quality of ingredients are used in crafting this brand.

The 120 ml and  60 ml are the most sought-after volume offerings of the brand.

Putting a little yogi e juice review here. The juice we tried is yogi e-liquid original granola.

With the first drag, you can feel the hint honey with rich granola.

The first puff and everything changes.

This ejuice takes you for an ecstatic joyride.

The experience is just holistic. It just takes you to another dimension. Every other ejuice seems like a passe. All in all a really great product.