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Love the tangy stuff, nerdy e juice is your bae then.

For the love of fruits, somebody stops us!

This is one cool nerd on the block. Everything about this e-liquid is pure genius. Love tangy profiles. Then this brand will shell shock you. Their juices are really on a different plain when it comes to flavor recreation. They are the king of citrus based sour profiles.

The quality is unmatched. These guys are good. VG profile also leaves no doubt about the greatness of the product. With the first vape, you would know how things are made here. The cloud formation is just awesome. Throat hit just wow. Good nicotine profile is on offer. So the kick is also right. For the love of oranges just give them a try.

These guys are really good. Period! Don’t just believe our words. Please go ahead and try some of them. You would know that we are telling the truth.