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If you are the one who looks for panache everywhere. Then kilo ejuice is the brand for you.

Its all about panache!

A name synonym with magical juice crafting.These guys are gods of juice creation. The degree of patience that has gone into crafting their ejuices is something different.

The brand really connects at an emotional level with its admirers.

The best part about this brand is that every product is handcrafted. Yes you heard it right.

These guys put in hard-work like no one else. They are really serious about their stuff.

I mean in today’s world of hyper-automation. These guys are actually taking pains to do things by hands. Speaks volumes about their dedication to the craft.We will now be putting a small kilo ejuice review here.

We tried their true blue. And its the sweetest blueberry custard you can have.

Try everything that they have to offer.This brand just can’t let you down.