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If you are on the wilder side of things, then ANML unleashed is the brand for you.

Bring out the animal in you!

Some of us really wild by nature. There is a wild animal inside us. This animal craves to be free.It needs to be unleashed. It wants that freedom and liberty. The change. Newness in everything it does. Same also funnels down to their vaping habits.

Anml unleashed e-liquid is such a brand which will come to your rescue. Their flavor range is just amazing. The mixology is perfect. Nothing beats them on that part.The amount of detail and hard work these guys have put in is amazing.

Every product of their speaks volumes about their creative genius.Just to let you know. Anml Unleashed is a microbrand of Anml Vapors.

Created to serve the needs of its fans at an affordable price point.The product comes in compact 60 ml bottles. Suits everyone is our guess. Have a look at the collection.Decide for yourself.