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ANML E Juice Review

Anml vapors is a high-quality vape juice brand designed by Philip Rocke. Known as the world-renowned mixologist, Philip Rocke has created some of the best ejuices you can buy. Do you know what a mixologist is? We actually had to look it up. A mixologist is actually a person skilled in making drinks. Not sure how that fits with vape but we get it, Philip Rocke. In this Anml e juice review we’ll cover why this brand is so popular and some of the top Anml vape juice flavors. Below are some of the top Anml e liquids from this brand.

Most Popular ANML E Juice Flavors

Anml e liquids actually only has two flavors. Looper, and Fury. The Anml unleashed collection carries more flavors.
  • Anml Looper: A fruity cereal drenched in ice-cold creamy milk. Looper is somewhat of a household name when it comes to vape. This one is by far a must-try vape if you haven’t already done so.
  • Fury: Like a box of frosted corn cereal and drenched in cold milk.
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